Satelles is a young, dynamically developing company that specialises in providing auditing, outsourcing and advisory services. The company consists of a team of professionals from the sector of international corporations. Due to our combined, long-term experience, we are in a position to offer high-quality services and state-of-the-art solutions.

We provide our clients with comprehensive support in accounting, finance and taxation. Our approach is reflected in the name of the company: satelles is Latin for attendant, companion, and follower.

What makes us different?

Versatility and flexibility: Our combined expertise and experience in a variety of closely interrelated sectors (auditing, accounting, and taxation) is directly correlated with the high quality of our services in every aspect of our business. Each client is offered value-added services resulting from more comprehensive and deeper approach to all aspects and processes we deal with – to save time (and money) and to be able to focus exclusively on the development of core business activities. We focus on understanding client needs and expectations, as close cooperation and mutual trust are the basis of our business relations.

International experience and current standards: We offer financial auditing services performed according to current domestic and international standards, as well as extensive experience in outsourcing and advisory services based on “Shared Service Centre” solutions applied by international corporations. Go to the “Services” section for more information on audit and outsourcing services.

Outsourcing from the very beginning: Satelles supports small and medium size business. “Small Business Outsourcing” consists in the transfer of several or more processes, in particular: financial accounting, reporting, payroll, and controlling, to an external specialist company. On the one hand, we support a variety of clients from the very moment they decide to establish their own business. Moreover, we may buy and adapt Polish companies to specific requirements of individual investors. Go to the “Investors” section for more information.

Fast actions: contact us to establish your company and deal with all your legal and financial requirements within just a few days – so that you can focus on developing your business in the meantime.

We aim to build long-lasting relations with our clients, based on mutual trust.

We work for your profit.