Outsourcing of accounting and reporting services to carefully selected specialist companies may deliver significant benefits to the company management and business owners.


A2_Satelles_01_Rgb_10The high-quality and cost-effectiveness of outsourcing accounting & reporting tasks is especially appreciated by small and medium enterprises, as well as newly established business entities.

Business rules followed by our clients:

  • conscious managers and business owner appreciate the significance of reliable, high-quality accounting data in the decision-making process;
  • professional bookkeeping has a special added value, enabling company management and business owners to focus on developing core business operations;
  • reliable financial and bookkeeping data supports correct and fast decision-making on financial matters, which is of paramount importance in the environment of a dynamic market and high competitiveness.
  • insufficient performance of accountants may potentially result in fiscal losses due to errors in tax settlements, as well as lost benefits attributed to lost business opportunities available for enterprises carefully abiding by fiscal laws and regulations.

Key business rules followed by Satelles:

  • supporting our clients’ operations to the best of our abilities
  • ensuring our clients’ tax safety

To implement these rules in practice, we promise:

A) high-quality performance of Satelles accountants through:

  • employment of only suitably educated and experienced professionals;
  • supervision and content-related control over all activities of Satelles staff;
  • continuous development of personnel skills and expertise by means of regular staff training

B) establishment of a customized and flexible rapport with each client, understanding of individual client needs and expectations;

C) application of state-of-the-art accounting tools, transparent and ongoing communication with clients

  • clients are provided with direct access to the accounting and reporting data by means of computer systems;
  • general business systems and accounting systems may be directly connected, which reduces the workload and makes repeated operations fully automatic
  • clients may create reports directly in the accounting system
  • on-going communication with clients enables instant feedback in response to any current matters

D) development of a suitable structure in the company’s accounting records to enable data collection on an ongoing basis:

  • development of a multi-dimensional chart of accounts
  • development of report templates according to specific client requirements.