Practical application of the tax law in Poland nowadays requires highly skilled knowledge, as it constitutes a very changeable and complicated area of specialist proficiency.


A2_Satelles_01_Rgb_10New rules and regulations are adopted on continuous basis, subject to ambiguous interpretations. It is extremely difficult to avoid misinterpretation and misapplication. In the face of unstable fiscal laws, the professional support of tax advisors is essential.

Satelles tax advisory services are based on the following rule:

Take preventive measures (limit the risk) before serious problems occur.

First and foremost, this rule applies to all accounting and reporting activities of Satelles.

Tax advisors representing Satelles provide comprehensive tax advisory services on VAT, CIT, civil transaction tax, PIT, excise duty, double-taxation agreements, as well as fiscal and other proceedings.

Satelles’ tax advisory services include:

  • Tax counselling and consultancy, in particular:
    • interpretation of tax regulations upon client request,
    • tax consultancy on current issues,
    • review of agreements in terms of fiscal consequences,
    • preparation of requests for fiscal interpretation by tax authorities,
    • representation of clients in tax proceedings instigated by fiscal authorities;
  • corporate tax reviews to identify potential fiscal risks, in particular, due diligence analyses;
  • establishment of transfer pricing policies:
    • verification of transactions subject to obligatory record-keeping procedures
    • identification of affiliated entities,
    • record-keeping of activities involving transfer pricing;
  • Identification of best options for trans-border transactions;
  • Identification of best taxation options for foreigners working in Poland;
  • Trainings on taxation and accountancy for corporate employees.