Auditing services are at the core of our business. We offer professional and advanced auditing services performed in line with the current international business standards.


A2_Satelles_01_Rgb_10Our services based on our expertise and experience in a variety of auditing corporations, as well as audits carried out at companies representing a selection of different market sectors. Satelles helps to a large extent a variety of companies with foreign capital participation.

In the course of the auditing process, we pay close attention to understanding the client’s business activities, and the resulting in-company processes, the company’s financial standing and current market conditions. Our objective assessment makes us capable of tracking and limiting business risks by means of customized measures and activities.

By means of credible and reliable financial information, we support decision-making process of the management and shareholders.

Satelles’ auditing services include:

  • auditing of single and consolidated financial statements in compliance with:
    • the Polish Accounting Act
    • International Accounting Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards
    • UK GAAP, US GAAP standards
    • German HGB standards;
  • reviews of financial statements;
  • company appraisals for transactions;
  • conversion/preparation of financial statements according to the following standards:
    • International Accounting Standards, International Financial Reporting Standards
    • UK & US GAAP standards
    • German HGB standards;
  • auditing / preparation of consolidation packages;
  • review of investment projects – certification of expenditure for specific projects;
  • advisory services in company merger and reorganization processes;
  • advisory services for entities with in-house accounting personnel (including the establishment and implementation of in-company accounting standards)
  • analyses and commissions: due diligence;
  • specific tasks